Cryptic Conjure launches preview demo alongside pre-sale

Things are moving fast for Lucid Sight’s Cryptic Conjure

Cryptic Conjure has more to show players this August.

With the beginning of its pre-sale on 2nd August, players will be able to put the mechanics of the game to the test in the games demo releasing on Thursday 9th August.

Unfortunately for players, items purchased during the pre-sale will not make an appearance in the game, but Cryptic Conjure has since added new items to its pre-sale listings which include the auction of the rare ‘Council of Nine’.

What players can expect from the demo

According to Cryptic Conjure’s Medium page, the demo is an opportunity to showcase the features and mechanics of the game.

“You’ll get to see how the game looks, feels, sounds like, plays like. And for a project like this, where we’re promising a truly complete fantasy title and not another collect-a-thon, that’s of the utmost importance.”

As this is an early demo of the game, multiplayer functionality isn’t available, making this preview a solely single-player experience.

As a further bonus for playing and completing the demo, players will be rewarded with an orange Crysta, an essential item for crafting unique spells within the game. Anyone completing the demo on its hard difficulty will also be rewarded with the rarer yellow Crysta.

For more information about the demo and pre-sale, visit Cryptic Conjure’s Medium post and site here.

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