HyperSnakes launches ‘Medusa’s Wrath update

From the pages of Ovid to the world of HyperSnakes

Those players participating in HyperSnakes are in for a stone cold surprise with the introduction of a new update. Known as ‘Medusa’s Wrath’, providing some bigger obstacles for players to navigate, with big rewards on the table.

Being an almost survival mode, players will have to navigate a wide range of obstacles.

Ranging from gas bombs, poisonous snakes, to a shrinking safe area.

But at stake is a large number of coins that players can exit with.

Regardless of how the player exits the game, they’ll be able to keep a hold of all the tokens they obtained.

According to the team, players can expect Medusa’s Wrath, along with three other special events. These include the following:

  • An ‘Inaugural’ log-in event – taking place between July 1st & 3rd. With players earning an exclusive Medusa Avatar.
  • Training Mode – Running from July 1st-28th, players can train up and be in line to win one of a series of rewards should they reach the top 20.
  • The Medusa Trial – Starting on July 1st and concluding on the 14th. Players with the longest survival time on this mode can win anywhere from .01 to 0.15ETH for placing in the top 10.

For more information about this game system, visit the website.

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