Dapper Labs is making a blockchain game with Ultimate Fighting Championship

In a surprise move, CryptoKitties’ developer Dapper Labs has announced it’s working on a blockchain game using the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) brand of MMA cage fighting.

Dapper Labs’ CEO Roham Gharegozlou pointed to the sport’s fast-growing global fan base of over 300 million fans as one of the reasons for the company’s decision. 

This is the second big sports licensed title that the Vancouver-based studio is developing. It previously announced NBA Top Shot – a blockchain-based collectibles game. 

Both projects will use Dapper’s forthcoming Flow blockchain, which it claims will provide a much better user experience for consumers than current technologies, particularly in terms of onboarding and transaction speed.  

As for the UFC deal, few details have been announced but Dapper says the experience will enable UFC fans to “buy, trade and sell verified limited-edition digital experiences” as well as using them in a game. 

It’s not clear what these items would be but the assumption is it will include individual UFC fighters such as Conor McGregor. 

Conversely, the NBA Top Shot game isn’t about owning specific players but is based around owning specific moments from real historical basketball games. 

Composable items

More generally, Dapper will approach its UFC game as it has all its previous games, by ensuring all the blockchain items will be composable; that is available for third parties to use and build their own products on top of. 

In a detailed Medium post, it said this means “any developer can build a gallery application for fans to display their collectibles, or a financial market tracking the price movement of digital assets in all the different games on the network. 

“Third parties can build trading houses, pawn shops, and reselling services — anything demanded by users.”

You can sign up for more details at the UFC Flow website.

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