Animoca is bringing gaming – including a soccer NFT title – to Hedera Hashgraph

To-date we haven’t heard much about gaming on Hedera Hashgraph but that looks like it’s changing. 

Animoca Brands has announced it’s working on an NFT-based soccer game that will use the IP of famous clubs. 

No further details have been provided, but similar management-style games such as Sorare and Soccer Manager Elite are already proving popular on other blockchain chains. 

All the NFTs in the game will be backed by Hedera’s native HBAR token.

This means that it will be possible to redeem these NFTs for the underlying Hbar, although there will be a cooldown period before this is enabled. 

This approach is similar to that taken by Enjin, which backs all its NFTs with the ENJ token, providing a minimum value price which can always be realised by burning the NFT for the ENJ tokens. 

Online gaming infrastructure

Animoca also announced it’s working with Hedera to launch Helix Warp, an online gaming platform built on top of the Hashgraph. 

This will provide a decentralized ecosystem of gaming products and services that combat online cheating. It will do this by creating a server-side simulation environment and leveraging the Hedera Consensus Service to record results.  

Game developers will be able to plug into Helix Warp and deploy hack-resistant leaderboards. Helix Warp will target HTML5 games to begin with and utilize the Helix Warp token to underpin the ecosystem.

”We are very excited to work with Hedera Hashgraph, which offers some highly appealing uses for gaming, particularly in the area of high-transaction scenarios,” commented Animoca chairman Yat Siu

“We believe this partnership will result in more efficient validation of play-to-earn activities, including addressing issues such as the multi billion dollar problem of cheating in games.”

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