Animoca Brands warns users against scam token – “Animoca Brands Metaverse”

No company or project is safe from scams, especially in the blockchain world. This week, Animoca Brands has had to issue a warning over a newly-emerged digital token dubbed ‘Animoca Brands Metaverse’.

Currently, the token is visible on Etherscan and Etherswap V2, which have already managed to attract unsuspecting buyers. So far, the company has issued the following statement relating to the fake token:

“We strongly urge the public to stay away from this fraudulent token and any related activities, including social media and messaging apps. Do not interact with this token or the scammers behind it in any manner, and if you have already received or bought some of these tokens, then consider switching to a new wallet immediately in order to reduce your risk of being targeted in future scams… If in doubt about an offer, do not buy and instead please write to [email protected].”

While projects within the space are vulnerable to scams, the blockchain space is certainly not exempt from this kind of ploy. Facebook’s metaverse play – ‘Meta’ – has seen several copy-cat tokens seeking to benefit from its reputation to conduct pump and dump scams. Case in point, scams like $FACEMETA stand as unfortunate examples of this in action.

What these token scams demonstrate, however, is that, for however many exciting projects enter the metaverse, users and investors need to be vigilant when it comes to what they aim to buy into.

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