Shibuya to let NFT holders to shape the trajectory of its latest short

Following its successful raising of over $6.9 million, the video platform Shibuya has announced a new and special take for its next video. According to the team, its next web video will be one that NFT owners will be able to shape, scene-by-scene, and will be a wholly stop-motion animated short.

Adding to its pedigree, it will also be created by the famous electronic musician Steve Aoki, and actor/producer and comedian Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. The latter’s studio has previously gained fame thanks to the Adult Swim series – Robot Chicken – and will be bringing its new show ‘Dominion X: Level 2’.

Its funding round was spearheaded by Andreessen Horowitz, the Variant Fund and involved major angel investors like Kevin Durant and Paris Hilton. Pplpleaser and Shibuya aim to subvert the conventional methods of fundraising for video content creation, making NFT holders an integral part of the process.

Following its own six-week production process, it will also involve a lot of NFT-holding users contributions. Each week, the holders will vote on how each of its scenes could conclude prospectively before producers work on the individual segments.

These contributions will culminate in a single, highly-engaging animated short video which will be published on Shibuya’s platform. Along with being key to the process as voters, NFT holders will also earn reward NFTs depending on their level of participation.

For the studio itself, ‘Dominion X’ will be the second video in its library since it was first launched in 2022.

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