Immutable zkEVM testnet goes live

Immutable has announced that the public testing of the Immutable zkEVM infrastructure has started.

The result of Immutable’s recent deal with Polygon, Immutable zkEVM is a blockchain that uses Polygon’s zkrollup technology to enable a low cost, scalable blockchain which still relies on Ethereum’s security model. It’s also designed specifically for game development and deployment.

This testing period will see dozens of studios kicking the tyres of the testnet, which will require them to migrate over their existing smart contracts and Solidity code.

As part of the testnet, builders will also have access to all of Immutable’s tools and tech including APIs, SDKs, and solutions such as Passport, Checkout, and Orderbook. The testnet will also be supported by a native L2 faucet for Test-IMX, Sepolia deposit and withdrawal bridges, a block explorer, and soon Immutable Relayer for currency abstraction and gas sponsorship.

“We’re immensely proud to finally release the Immutable zkEVM Testnet to the public. This chain, combined with our suite of platform products, is the first end-to-end EVM solution dedicated exclusively to making games successful,” said Immutable’s CTO Alex Connolly.

“We’re already seeing a massive influx from games, players and partners that will make the Immutable ecosystem irresistible for the next generation of web3 games.”

You can find out more about the technology at the Immutable zkEVM website.

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