NFL Rivals breaks $1 million in NFT trading volume

I’m a little bit obsessed about Mythical Games’ NFL Rivals, notably how the in-app integration of its NFT marketplace is working.

One reason for this is because Apple and Google take a 30% revenue cut of all these transactions, which are NFTs that players are selling on the Mythical Marketplace but piped through into the app and purchased using the Credit currency, which is itself bought using IAP.

I’m currently very interested in the variance of prices comparing the raw Mythical Market price to the in-app price in Credits. But during this research I’ve also been exploring the Mythical Block Explorer, which highlights what transactions are happening on the Mythical blockchain, including NFL Rivals purchasing and minting.

Now, I’m not the only one doing this with web3 data providers such as CryptoSlam also providing high-level historic data, which is where the $1 million of lifetime NFT trading volume arises.

The full data at time of writing is $1 million of NFT trading, with

  • 4,613 wallets buying NFTs,
  • 2,922 wallets selling NFTs, and
  • 35,710 wallets holding NFTs.

Of course, these are not large numbers compared to games such as Sorare ($700 million in trading volume) and Axie Infinity ($4 billion in trading volume), but NFL Rivals has only recently launched and Mythical is launching its big marketing campaign which is timed to coincide with the start of the NFL season.

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