Wemade introduces new wallet solution and signs deal to fire Wemix growth

As part of a recent initiative to widen its web3 playerbase, South Korean game company Wemade has introduced cross-chain wallet solution wallet called Una. 

Aimed to simplify transfers of game assets between various blockchains, Una is designed for users on Wemade’s web3 game platform Wemix. Moreover, it’s described as providing users with the most favorable swap conditions through optimal swap routes.

Available as an integrated browser extension or mobile apps, apart from its native Wemix chain, Una will support Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, BNB and Kroma, following its launch later in 2023. According to the Una Wallet website, there are additional plans to also support Bitcoin, Solana, Tron, TON, Cosmos, Base and Linea.

It also supports multi-party computation for the recovery of seed phrases and optimal swap routing.

Furthermore, Wemade and SK Planet’s OK cashbag venture have signed a strategic partnership, which aims to promote blockchain and business growth. The two have agreed to invest in each other’s companies, with Wemade chairman Gwanho Park set to buy Wemix tokens with the proceeds from the stock sale.

And finally Wemix announced two recent additions to its platform, welcoming basketball card game Ballies from Ballies LLC and soccer game EL JEFE FUTBOL from Studio 369.

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