Gaimin – the Uber of gaming crypto – decloaks

Earn passive income

Crypto mining service Gaimin looks to utilize the power of high end gaming rigs to mine currencies, rewarding users for contributing their machines.

Gaimin allows gamers to earn a passive income. When the PC sits idle, the client will begin mining cryptocurrency – automatically shutting down should the user return to their machine.

The client performs hardware analysis of each computer, mining the best coin for a user’s setup. All earnings are exclusively converted to Bitcoin and Ethereum, using historical data and annual trends as motivators.

Idle earnings

The company claims its service is “The Uber of gaming crypto”; a digital aggregator of supply/demand.

The client is aimed at gamers who might not be otherwise interested in crypto – offering itself as a one-click deal that users can essentially fire-and-forget.

While still in pre-production, it appears Gaimin will offer up a storefront from which client users can spent their mined currency on games.

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