Collectible battler Axie Infinity revealed, Loom SDK launches

Cartoon style 3 v 3 combat to showcase platform’s ability to quickly deploy scalable DApps on Ethereum

The self-proclaimed ‘next-generation’ blockchain platform for large-scale online games and social apps, Loom, has revealed its forthcoming collectable battler, Axie Infinity.

The game lets players collect, breed and battle fantasy pets called Axies on the blockchain. Loom’s Growth Hacker Dilanka McLovin said of the project that, “Axie Infinity is a bit like CryptoKitties, but it takes it to the next level”.

Axies are inspired by real creatures, mythical beasts – and inanimate objects. They belong to one of six basic classes; Beast, Plant, Bug, Bird, Reptile, and Aquatic and are constructed from different parts that can be Common, Rare, Ultra Rare or Legendary.

Terrariums and tournaments

Axies live in a virtual terrarium with Grassland, SeaShore, Highland, or Arctic terrains available. The terrain itself can power up certain types of Axie. Players will need to feed and clean their Axies, as well as tell them when it’s time to sleep – and, erm… breed.

Combat is centred around 3 v 3 battles, adding an element of strategy as players choose their formations. Taking into account each Axie’s strengths and weaknesses on the chosen terrain. The four base stats are Hit Points (HP), Speed, Skill and Morale. EXP earned in these battles can be used to breed or upgrade body parts.

Insane uses of Loom SDK

Speaking about the launch of the Loom SDK, McLovin said, “Considering that Loom SDK will be the easiest way for ANY blockchain developer to quickly deploy scalable, decentralized DApps on Ethereum, you are going to see some insane uses of it in the future”.

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