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It’s been a busy week of news in the world of blockchain gaming, with new game announcements, platform rollouts and pre-sales all featuring.

But discussion of how to design blockchain games was the top of our list.

This week’s top stories


1) The future of blockchain gaming: it’s a question of design

Much of the focus on blockchain gaming to-date has been on the use of currencies or attempts to create platforms that enable the sharing of gaming assets, rather than delivering satisfying games.

2) HTC to publish CryptoKitties on its phones, including in China


With the company focusing on its Vive VR business, mobile phones have taken a backseat for HTC over recent years.

It’s looking to revigorate its once core activity, however, with a focus on blockchain; something that’s integral to its forthcoming Exodus device.

3) Etherbots developer Fuel Bros announces esports game Gods Unchained

esportsFrom their previous game, EtherBots, Fuel Bros intend to increase the level of exposure that blockchain games get from the mainstream audience, explicitly targetting e-sports.

4) What is Gods Unchained?

While the game recently released, we explored the features of Gods Unleashed from how it works, including what it has in store.

5) High speed, game-focused blockchain MagnaChain launches testnet

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