Trending now: the biggest stories in blockchain gaming

The top stories of the week

From partnerships, sponsorships, and launches, blockchain gaming is continuously growing.

Here are some of the top trending stories from this week!

This week’s top stories

1) BitCrystals launches its blockchain game sector market map

BitCrystals game sector market map charts out all the various ways in which blockchain is revolutionizing gaming.

2) Reality Clash inks partnership with Danish esports team Sørby

The partnership between the two comes as Sørby prepares to compete in the upcoming Supreme Masters Counter-Strike tournament in Switzerland, which takes place from August 31st to September 2nd.

3) Enjin’s Minecraft DonationCraft plugin to be updated for ERC1155 compatibility


One of the features that wasn’t part of the original plugin, however, was recent Enjin creation, its ERC1155 blockchain token standard, a system which will be used in games like War of Crypto and 9 Lives Arena.

In a recent announcement, the game platform will be introducing an update to its DonationCraft plugin to give it ERC1155 compatibility.

4) How blockchain platform Terra Virtua hopes to shake up VR gaming

“Behind each gate is an experience that comes with your [Terra Virtua] subscription. Life Netflix, but for games and experiences.” – Keith Ramsdale, Terra Virtua CCO

5) Video: Why Ubisoft is experimenting with blockchain games

None of the big publicly-owned game publishers talk about blockchain; they’re too scared of spooking their investors.

French outfit Ubisoft has no such fears, however.

This month’s top trending news

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