Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki 2018 – Introducing Team BioHackers

Alto will be picking its winner during the conference.

Blockchain Gamer Connects 2018 is fast approaching.

From the 11-12th September, PC and Blockchain gamers will descend on Helsinki to attend talks by over 40 speakers, including 500 delegates and what promises to be nearly 20 hours worth of exclusive content.

Among those attending the event are the contestants of the Alto Cryptogame Challenge, which is entering the end-stages of its competition, with the winners being announced during the comference.

One of the teams taking part is the game ‘Brainfunc’ by Team BioHackers.

Introducing Team BioHackers

Q – What inspires you about blockchain and its impact on gaming?

Blockchain is a revolutionary new technology. The core USP of blockchain lies in the fact that you can create virtual commodities that live forever.

For ages, gamers have spent their time in virtual worlds collecting gaming items, purely for fun. Blockchain takes these efforts and gives it a tangible form, in an intangible way.

This idea itself is game changing (no pun intended). It allows gamers to actually ‘earn’ in the real world via gaming.

The idea is much more revolutionary than something like live streaming for games, which is another source via which people earn for their game playing skills.

We were super attracted to this idea. This idea led to the birth of BrainFunc and building it atop the Blockchain.

Q – What made you want to enter the Alto Cryptogame Challenge?

We came across the Alto Cryptogame Competition while researching on gaming related projects related to the Blockchain.

We found Alto’s model very appealing, and their approach is one that is mutually beneficial to both the game developers as well as themselves, unlike many other projects that only serve the promotion of their economy at the expense of the game developers.

It is this aspect coupled with item interoperability that attracted us to participate in the game development challenge.

Q – What made you decide on this style of game?

e-Learning is something that is very new to the Blockchain space. We wanted to build something truly creative, engaging and fun which helps people gain knowledge at the same time.

Added to that was our everlasting curiosity about Biology, which is at the frontier of many other technological fields today. Fields like Artificial Intelligence are being coupled with Biology as well.

We believe that a technological revolution in Biotech is coming sooner than we expect, and we wanted to be a part of it.

Hence we created BrainFunc – A synergy between Blockchain, biology, and fun – An epic e-Learning adventure on the Blockchain.

Q – What are you most excited about in attending Blockchain Gamer Connects 2018?

The Blockchain conference will be a global confluence of minds working in the Blockchain gaming space.

We believe that it will truly facilitate an exchange of ideas, coordination and foster an electrical environment that will help propel the space forward.

There are a lot of areas to explore in the space today, from technical aspects related to NFT Smart Contracts, exploring the best Blockchain Gaming, Game Design on the Blockchain and Revenue Models.

It will be a great opportunity for discussion of all of these ideas along with networking with individuals who are interested in investing into space early on.

Q – What are the challenges that blockchain faces in its attempts to become a mainstream concept?

Faster throughput regarding some transactions is something that is important if Blockchain Gaming has to go mainstream.

This is mostly related to NFT Smart Contracts. We believe faster Blockchains will facilitate this. Another obstacle is storage space on the Blockchain.

Currently, the GAS fees are high, hence developers have to take care and use Blockchain storage judiciously.

This is somewhat of a positive point as well, since it makes collectibles more scarce. Another obstacle for the Blockchain gaming space and adoption is user education.

Regular users are still not aware of Metamask and how to use it. We have to strive to make the overall experience for games and Dapps more user-friendly so that regular users need not be technically savvy to use our products.

Q – What advice would you give to new blockchain game developers?

Just start doing it. It’s not as tough as it sounds. If you love creativity and tinkering, you will love being a part of the Blockchain space. It’s an innovators paradise.

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