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We were glad to attend and take part in the most exciting event in Helsinki on September 11th and 12th with Blockchain Gamer Connects, where developers, investors, and gamers attended to discover, understand and learn from their peers and already experienced publishers.

Also, we’re only too excited to get to showing you the top trending news from this week, coupled with some interesting talks from our now concluded conference.

Top trending stories

1) Editors Picks – top sessions taking place at Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki

Blockchain Gamer Connects

With just days separating us from Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki, we take a look at some of the talks that will be taking place as part of the four highly exciting tracks.

2) Reality Clash Crypto Store to open for 1 week in London

Reality Clash

London has its fingers on the pulse of blockchain. That’s according to the likes of Tony Pearce, the Co-founder of Reality Clash, and of the development company behind it, Reality Gaming Group.

3) Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki – Day One

Blockchain Gamer Connects

Helsinki has become a hot-bed for innovation from the mainstream and blockchain gaming world.

With nearly 70 talks and panel discussions taking place, there was plenty of insight to be had and lessons to be learned.

4) Lucid Sight’s Randy Saaf on finding the sweet spot for blockchain’s frontier games

With every new generation of games, the revolution comes before evolution.

Lucid Sight CEO Randy Saaf describes this hard transition from the early “frontier games” to the later iterations that gain wider acceptance.

5) Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki: Reality Clash – One Year On

Reality Clash

In a talk by Tony Pearce, as he recalled the first year of the company he co-founded, Reality Clash, his recollection was as vivid as it was a roller-coaster experience.

The next Pocket Gamer Connects will be in London on January 21st and 22nd 2019.

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