Ether Dale announces pre-sale for Glitch Goons

80’s brawling on mobile

Games and glitches aren’t something you’d ideally put together.

But for Ether Dale, the developers behind the RPG EtherQuest, it makes for a rare fighting game. Or specifically, its new game – Glitch Goons – a PvP game with, what the developers refer to as an “advanced character management combat system.”

Recently, Ether Dale has announced that it will be beginning an item pre-sale for the game, giving players the chance to buy rare equipment to give them an advantage agaisnt their opponents.

Long-term, the game intends to be one of the first 2D fighting games on blockchain which offer the chance of winning real-world prizes in competitions.

Glitch Goons Pre-sale

The pre-sale consists of chests with four levels of rarity, with each one consisting of five random items of the same rarity.

Along with items and equipment, the sale will include ‘packages’ of GameCoins, the in-game token, based on the ERC20 token standard.

The sale itself will begin on 22nd October, and run for three weeks, with all revenue contributing to a prize-pool for these future PvP tournaments.

The game itself is scheduled to launch in late-November 2018.

For more information about the game and its pre-sale, visit the Glitch Goons site.

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