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Back in action for 2019!

Welcome back to the world of blockchain gaming in 2019! We are as thrilled as ever to bring you some of the biggest stories from the field. Especially now that we are weeks away from the widely anticipated Blockchain Gamer Connects London.

Consisting of thousands of attendees and hundreds of speakers, Blockchain will be making its debut in 2019. Find out more about Blockchain Gamer Connects right here.

But without further ado, here are the top trending stories from last week!

1)’s most-read stories of 2018

No doubt we’ll look back and say 2018 was a formative – if not always enjoyable – year in the development of blockchain gaming.

But what were the key stories everyone was reading?

2) TRON Arcade has partnered with Gumi Cryptos


TRON has steadily been working into the blockchain gaming space, starting with the launch of TRON Arcade. It has officially announced a new partnership with Gumi and its dedicated investment fund – Gumi Cryptos.

3) Gumi purchases stake in blockchain game developer Double Jump.Tokyo


Since launching its $30 million fund for blockchain initiatives, Gumi has been reaching out to new developers. One of these includes Double Jump.Tokyo, which the company has purchased a stake in this week.

4) Exoplanets launches its beta


Exoplanets has officially announced the release of its beta, made possible with the integration of its alpha multiplayer. The beta operates as a competition between players, extracting as many resources as possible before they’re depleted.

5) Vlad Tomko of Blockchain Cuties going Tri-Chain and the Cutie-Universe’s first year

Blockchain Cuties

2018’s conclusion invites plenty of time to reminisce about how it’s been for developers especially. For Vlad Tomko, the founder and CEO of Blockchain Cuties, it’s the first anniversary of the Blockchain Cuties Universe.

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