What makes Nine Chronicles community-driven?

Already a successful web3 game since its launch on PC in 2019, MMORPG Nine Chronicles is now prepping for a shift to mobile. With the increasing buzz around fully onchain gaming and community-led development, we delve into how this 100% onchain game from Planetarium practically involves its community in advancing the game through voting, open source modding, and more.

This interview was first published at Nine Chronicles’ Medium channel.

Game development

How do players participate in creating Nine Chronicles?

A: It’s pretty mind-blowing how Nine Chronicles takes our ideas and turns them into reality. The big changes are neatly documented on the NCIP list on GitHub, but there’s a treasure trove of smaller but impactful ideas that flow through Discord and shape the game we love.

What are some examples of the result of those player inputs?

Remember the Arena when it first started? (For those who are unfamiliar, Arena is a PVP Battle system where you get to challenge other players and earn NCG rewards according to your rank.) It was a whole different ballgame back then, without NCG rewards, seasons, or championships.

But guess what? That all changed thanks to a brilliant suggestion from the one who wanted to make Arena more engaging and incentivizing for all of us. Once the idea was submitted and embraced by the game’s creators, we witnessed a transformation in the Arena — order was established through the seasons, and the rewards flowed more consistently. And the tale doesn’t end there. The grand battles against the World Boss, where all adventurers join forces to vanquish the formidable behemoth, and the allure of Crystals (Nine Chronicles’ secondary currency), all sprang from our united imagination. You can even dig into the records of the old NCIPs to see how it all began.

What if I am not friendly with heavy documentation? How do I submit ideas, and can I submit ideas even if I’m a newbie?

What’s super cool is that even the little things matter. Take, for instance, the ‘Sweep’ feature, where a single tap lets you replay the same stage multiple times — that was another gem from our own treasure chest of ideas.

In Nine Chronicles, it’s not just about playing; it’s about being a part of the game’s evolution. Sometimes, unleashing creativity through NCIP might seem like wielding a mighty hammer, but if you possess a brilliant but compact concept, there are alternative paths to share your insights. We welcome you to unveil your ideas in the #suggestion-talk channel or leave your thoughts and comments in the #community-forum channel on our Discord. Your contributions are prized, regardless of your time spent within the game, as long as your ideas work towards enriching the Nine Chronicles experience.

Community Activities

So, Nine Chronicles Discord Server is the mecca of all conversations. How is the server maintained? Are there any traces of community-driven management?

The inner workings of Nine Chronicles’ Discord server are impressive. What sets it apart is that the Community Support Team (CST) is composed entirely of fellow game enthusiasts who have earned their positions through friendly competition among players. It’s hard to find another project that has as many community support members, which shows how serious Nine Chronicles is about making sure their community’s voices are heard. They don’t just manage the Discord channel; they spark engaging conversations among us players, elevating the overall sense of camaraderie.

What kind of engagement and experiences do you enjoy from Discord?

The team’s dedication to fostering stronger community bonds. One standout initiative is the ‘AYA’ (Ask YOHO Anything) sessions, where players, whether veterans or newcomers, can freely ask questions and receive answers straight from the developers. It’s a remarkable avenue for open dialogue, making the players feel heard, valued, and connected. Also, there are frequent community quests and campaigns that encourage us to come together and earn rewards.


How are decisions made in Nine Chronicles?

As a devoted player, I’ve witnessed firsthand the game’s commitment to inclusive decision-making. It’s a feature that sets Nine Chronicles apart in the world of blockchain-based RPGs. When it’s time to make pivotal choices, whether it’s something as simple as naming a new character or as significant as mapping out Arena Rewards.

What we have done in the past, for instance, is called ‘Community Voting.’ where all the players are invited to cast their votes to make their opinions count. A snapshot, which includes all the players’ information ranging from the amount of NCG they hold to the number of D:CC NFTs each player owns, was taken at a predetermined time. Then, players will vote based on their fiscal power.

What truly resonates with me is the fairness of it all. Nine Chronicles doesn’t discriminate; it grants voting power based on your stake in the game. This equitable approach ensures that no single player can sway the outcome, preserving a level playing field for all. It’s more than just voting; it’s a transparent and firm testament to the game’s commitment to player empowerment.

Open Source

Tell me about what ‘Open source’ means in Nine Chronicles.

Open source is one of the Nine Chronicles’ core values. It refers to software or projects whose source code is freely available for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. Naturally, modding is welcomed and highly suggested.

Nine Chronicles is a game that allows players to craft their own experiences. The game embraces open-source principles, allowing everyone, whether a developer or a dedicated gamer, to delve into the development work.

What are some examples?

Modding is where the real action happens. Take, for instance, the ‘Pandora Box’, one of the most well-known mods crafted by a community member. It’s a game client that leverages the blockchain technology of Nine Chronicles to enhance the gaming experience. A player can play via ‘Pandora Box’ and the core features of the game remain the same since the Pandora mod operates on the same chain as the original game. However, there are various utility functions that you can’t find in the vanilla version of Nine Chronicles. For instance, item descriptions provide more detailed statistics, and your chance of winning an Arena battle is calculated based on the items you equip.

Nine Chronicles doesn’t discriminate; it grants voting power based on your stake in the game.

But there’s more to discover. Our community has created numerous mods, each adding its own unique touch to the game. And then there’s the Nine Chronicles API, a handy tool for building websites and applications using the game data.

Content Creation

What if I am not a computer science major?

As an avid game player with zero coding knowledge, I found my creative haven in Nine Chronicles. You see, the term ‘Open Source’ doesn’t just speak to the coding whizzes; it welcomes all kinds of open creativity. We have a program called the Content Creators Program, which empowers players to contribute to the game’s development and expand its universe while we offer support and recognition for their creative efforts. Your creativity counts, whether gameplay guides, mesmerizing fan art, thought-provoking discussions, or captivating lore explorations.

How do you contribute to the game?

My contribution to this remarkable world? Well, I bring my artistic flair to the table, crafting fun images and video tutorials that both entertain and assist fellow community members. And I’m not alone. Others in the community have taken the breath taking art of Nine Chronicles and woven it into mini-games, sparking even more creativity (or literally woven).

But the canvas of content creation extends beyond the game itself. Collaborating with The Sandbox, a realm where the game’s world comes to life in 3D. And who could forget that Discord enthusiast who dreamt of composing a theme song for Nine Chronicles?

In Nine Chronicles’ dynamic world, community-driven gaming’s power shines brightly. That’s the beauty of this community. It’s a tapestry of talents and ideas where creativity knows no limits. As we journey together through game development, vibrant community activities, inclusive decision-making, open-source modding, and boundless content creation, we celebrate the diversity of talents, ideas, and perspectives that make this game truly special.

So, as we continue to explore, create, and innovate, let’s revel in the magic of a community that knows no bounds and a world where the players are the heart and soul of the adventure.

Find out more through Planetarium’s Discord channel. Pre-registration for its mobile release is open from 1st-20th November. For more details, visit the pre-registration page.

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