In space, Winter was always here – 0xUniverse shows off its Game of Thrones giveaway

Place your (social media) bets, ladies and gentlemen

The game is coming to an end while 0xUniverse is taking bets

If the night has been dark and full of terror in the world of Westeros for a few millennia. That’s nothing compared to the dark recesses of space and its endless void. 0xUniverse has announced that, in honour of Season 8 of Game of Thrones, users will have the chance to bet and win unique NFTs on how the ‘Game’ will end.

What kind of prize is on the table? A Game of Thrones inspired planet, more than a worthy addition to any users collection. So how can you take part? Take to social media and place your bet on how it will end.

“To be eligible to win the planet, you should share the event post on our Facebook or retweet it on our Twitter and add a short text to it consisting of no more than 280 characters max, where you write your vision of how Game of Thrones will end.”

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