Waves Platform’s Item Market for NFTs goes live

It’s time to trade

In recent years, the Waves Platform has been evolving in many ways.

One key element has been the addition of smart contracts, and its latest feature – the Item Market – is another move which makes Waves more blockchain game game-friendly.

What is yours is really yours and anyone can prove it.

Sasha Ivanov CEO, Waves

As the name suggest, it’s an NFT marketplace where developers and gamers can sell and trade their digital assets.

Currently in beta, there are only two games listed: TCG Shadow Era and Nyan Cat: The Crypto Race, a new game from Ether Kingdoms developer Gamedelta.

The start of something

“Blockchain shifts the centralized paradigm taking data monopoly away from enterprises. What is yours is really yours and anyone can prove it. This brings the relationships between gamers and developers on a new level providing an open economy in the sphere,” comments Waves’ CEO Sasha Ivanov.

“Today our team presents Item Market, a platform that brings a new life in the gaming realm putting players and developers on the same side!”

You can check out the Item Market here and detailed documentation here

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