Pixion Games announced competitive battle and eSports with Fableborne

Pixion Games has announced its very first game, slated to launch later this year – Fableborne. The announcement comes after roughly 2 years of development, and the collaborative work of industry veterans.

Fableborne is an action RPG that blends together combat with strategic base building. Fableborne’s core gameplay loop is easy to pick up and doesn’t require a huge time investment, but still provides a deep and engaging experience to keep players challenged. 

As for its underlying tokenomics, Fableborne uses a ‘Play to Own’ system, where players acquire digital assets through buying or obtaining in-game rewards via the Pixion League.

By making Heroes and many more aspects of the game NFTs, Pixion is giving players an option to truly own their customised Heroes, islands and other in-game items, making players’ investment valuable without requiring them for progression.

What also sets the game apart is that Pixion is developing its own take on a competitive play known as ‘Lunchtime eSports’. As a concept, it enables players to play at a more relaxed pace, especially compared to how we conventionally think of eSports.

Unlike traditional esports, the easy to pick up nature of Fableborne means that even players with little time can enjoy the game and reap the rewards of competitive play. However, the depth and complexity deliver an engaging ongoing challenge as players explore the lore and venture into the mysterious Shatterlands at their own pace, building their standing in the ‘Pixion League’ as they go. 

Find out more by visiting Pixion.

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