Ultra releases SDK Ultracloud

PC game platform Ultra has released its SDK, called Ultracloud, which gives developers a suite of tools to deploy games onto the blockchain, notably its Ultra blockchain.

As well as supporting the PC games Ultra distributes, Ultracloud supports multi-platform and cross-platform gaming including mobile and consoles. It also integrates with Unity and Unreal and coding languages like C#, C++, Java, JS and Obj C.

In terms of the core functions, these include:

  • Identity – single sign-on authentication using Ultra Wallet
  • Social – accessing friends lists, leaderboards and social gifting
  • Data – storage and user stats
  • Code – scheduled jobs, external web service integration including Google DataStream Analytics
  • Multiplayer – on and offline multiplayer and integrated matchmaking
  • Metagame – progression stats, achievements, and
  • Comms – in-game events and chat, marketing and push notifications.

In April 2023 the Ultra Games platform launched globally, with a range of web2 and web3 PC games available to download. Find out more in the video.

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