18 blockchain games listed on Sui’s Play Beyond hub

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Mysten Labs has launched a new web3 gaming gateway for its Sui blockchain. Called Play Beyond, one of its features is aimed directly at players, and introduces the games currently live on Sui.

Another aspect of the hub is directed at developers, aiming to fulfil a more educational purpose. 

While the option to learn more is made available, the hub emphasises that gamers need no crypto knowledge to be able to play, “You play, we’ll do the rest”. It follows the trend largely staked out during 2023 which solely focuses on presenting immersive and fun games, rather than the complexities of the supporting technology behind it.

Alongside Sui mainnet going live in May 2023, a portfolio of various blockchain games were announced to deploy on the blockchain. Tactical FPS Haven’s Compass from developer Ghost Ivy, recently released its alpha build on Epic Games, but is not yet listed on Play Beyond.

While a few other titles announced initially, such as Project Eluune’s Stargarden, sandbox platform Worlds Beyond and TCG Cards of Ethernity from Aether Games are also absent from the new gaming hub, its current catalogue includes 18 titles across various genres. Some of the more prominent games are

  • shooter game Bushi from Onenet,
  • mobile-based strategy game Legends of Arcadia,
  • Panzerdogs and Cosmocadia from Dutch studio Lucky Kat, and
  • Final Stardust from Comet Labs.

Visit the Play Beyond website for more details.

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