Blocklords’ Bearslayer Season and upcoming tokenomics explained

With a successful community beta release followed by early access on Epic Games, 2023 was an important year for grand strategy game Blocklords. And 2024 promises to be even more eventful as the game kicks off its first season – Bearslayer – on Wednesday 3rd January. 

Ahead of the new season, MetaKing has also released a whitepaper outlining more details of what to expect in Blocklords, one of our most anticipated blockchain games.

At the core of Blocklords is farming. These basic features have been live since the soft launch in September 2023 and are essential for players to advance in the game. Users need to maintain and expand their land to generate resources, which will play an even more significant part as the game progresses.

The Bearslayer Season emphasises the strategic choices of these farming loops, serving as the foundation to a thriving empire. This is a cornerstone in the PvE battles which make their debut. Still in early testing, this feature will advance to enable PvP battles further down the line. 

More additions during the Bearslayer Season include experience points, EXP, and dual-tiered leaderboards. A basic tier leaderboard will be available to players using a basic season pass, while exclusive access to the Bearslayer Tier leaderboard will be granted to players purchasing a Bearslayer Pass. The latter also include extra rewards and a 20% EXP boost and will cost $9.99.

Commenting on the launch of Bearslayer Season, MetaKing CEO David Johansson says, “Since launching the early access version of the game over 3 months ago, our core focus has been on improving the user experience and giving players more things to do in-game. This new season achieves all that while also introducing a battle pass with really exciting player reward mechanics. We expect most active players to take part in the season, and will continue improving future seasons based on their feedback! The Bearslayer season is the first of many new content additions coming up in 2024.”

In the whitepaper we also find details on the game’s tokenomics, including the launch of LRD token, a central resource in the upcoming gameplay and governance structure. 

As well as offering in-game benefits and functionalities, LRD is designed to reward active contributors and participants in the Blocklords ecosystem. Earning can only be done through active gameplay, such as levelling up buildings, earning season XP, owning hero NFTs, but also engaging in the future development and lore. 

Taking a long-term approach to create sustainability, LRD is subject to a 10-year release plan. 

ALE is the in-game currency set to be released when the game’s Dynasty system comes into effect. This resource can be produced in the city’s brewery through the processing of Grain.

A third game resource is Influence. Users can gain Influence either long term by locking away their LRD token or more immediately by purchasing it using LRD. Influence can be spent strategically to purchase various in-game assets such as resource packs and exclusive heroes or time acceleration boosts. 

In terms of the web3 aspects, users can acquire in-game equipment and hero NFTs through various marketplaces, including the native Blocklord’s Market. These assets can be traded and transferred both on Immutable and Polygon, a process which will become more seamless with the introduction of Portal, which enables users to freely bridge assets between multiple compatible blockchains. 

With the introduction of Portal Blocklords will also be able to adopt more blockchains, enhancing the game’s future interoperability and scalability.

Although no exact timeline has been given, LRD token and Portal are features expected later in the year. Further on the horizon, Blocklords is also looking to go mobile.

To find out more about the making and vision of Blocklords, dive into our in-depth interview with David Johansson.

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