Trending now – this week’s biggest blockchain gaming stories

Here are our top trending stories of the week

1) Blockchain gaming’s biggest: companies that have raised the most investment

In total, these 10 companies have raised over $350 million.

2) Blockchain esports outfit ChiliZ raises $65 million


“It has been a combination of hard work from the team, but also our strategic partners who invested and believe in our long-term vision.” – Alex Dreyfus, CEO of ChiliZ

3) What’s new with Decentraland?

“You’ll know that the virtual reality world of gaming, items in-game can carry very steep price tags.”


4) Which blockchain game companies were spending big at E3 2018?

for the first year, there have been a substantial number of blockchain game companies spending the big bucks on show floor stands.


5) E3: TokenPlay reveals new blockchain games

TokenPlay revealed a bunch of new games at this year’s E3, as the Toronto startup launched its platform.

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