Decentraland launches its $5 million Genesis Content Program

Looking to kickstart games for its VR platform

Decentraland is getting really serious about content development for its VR platform.

Far from just giving the tools for developing games and content, it’s striving to encourage larger, more ambitious projects to take shape.

In order to do this, Decentraland has unveiled its Genesis Content Program, a fund consisting of $5 million worth of marketing, guidance and support for successful applicants.

Decentraland’s Genesis Content Platform


While it’s seeking out larger scale developments on the platform, Decentraland is also keeping the door wide open for would-be applicants, whether they’re independent or seasoned game studios.

In its Medium post, the team encourages aspiring VR developers to innovate around what is possible on the Ethereum blockchain.

Applicants should also be aware of the areas of focus that Decentraland points out as ‘key characteristics’:

  • Small parcel footprints – The value of LAND on Decentraland’s virtual platform is driven by the small quantity of it. Anything that an individual player creates must exist within the boundaries of the LAND they own.This means that prospective game developers will need to consider the economy of LAND from which they have to build their game, compelling them to think creatively and act economically.
  • Distributed ownership – While Decentralands hub world is a patchwork of various plots of LAND, developers have the choice of respecting these boundaries or collaborating with their owners, creating a multiple-LAND based game in the process.In the past, content creators on the platform have consisted of RPG experiences that traverse multiple plots of LAND.
  • Limited graphics – Being a ‘web-first’ platform, Decentraland references Google’s ‘low-poly aesthetic’, encouraging designers to create games with limited graphics, further optimising the quality of the players experience by allowing as large a number as possible to enjoy it.

What sort of games could they be?

Decentraland outlined some game genres as being particularly suited to its requirements and the VR experience:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Skill competitions
  • Crafting
  • Parcels as play squares
  • Loot crate games

For more information on the particular game types, check out Decentraland’s article here.

How to apply

There’s no time-frame for entry, according to Decentraland, and users can apply to participate in the program by submitting a proposal.

 Aspiring game developers should complete and submit this form to the Decentraland team.

For more information about the program, visit the Medium post here.

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