Top trending: biggest stories in blockchain gaming

It’s been a week of enthusiastic development.

We at Blockchain Gamer were glad to attend the Blockchain Game Summit this week, showcasing the big ideas and even bigger initiatives.

The blockchain space, while comparably young when placed next to the games industry as a whole, has reached some notable landmarks, as Jon Jordan points out during his keynote during the summit.

But without further ado, here are some of the biggest stories from this week.

1) Blockchain Game Summit – experts announce Blockchain Game Alliance

Blockchain game summit

Collaboration and interoperability are powerful words. And in the world of blockchain game development, they also make up some of the most powerful things possible.

2) Bringing monster battles to life with Etheremon & VREtheremon

One of the ways that VR is being put to use is through Etheremon, the blockchain-based game inspired by Pokémon. But unlike its muse, Etheremon has its eyes on other ways to immerse its players in the experience.

3) Top performing blockchain games – August 2018


Welcome to the first in our monthly roundup of the top performing blockchain games running on the Ethereum blockchain.

4) MLB Crypto Baseball swings for the fences at Dodger’s Stadium

Lucid Sight has stepped up to the plate this month.

Along with its ongoing item sale and release of its game, MLB Crypto Baseball, the team got the opportunity to make its presence known at Dodger’s Stadium for its ‘Virtual Bobblehead Event’ which took place on the 21st September.

5) What we learned at Blockchain Gamer Connects Helsinki 2018

Five months on from the first Blockchain Gamer Connects conference in San Francisco, the first iteration in Europe – Helsinki, Finland – was significant for more than that reason.

You can already sign up for Blockchain Gamer Connects London 2019 which runs 21-22 January 2019.

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