Top trending: The biggest stories in blockchain gaming

It’s been an exciting time for the blockchain gaming world.

From major companies striking out to join the space in a big way, to new additions to well-known platforms.

Here are some of the big stories coming from this week.

1) Why now is the time for Animoca Brands’ aggressive blockchain investment strategy

Few companies have been as active in the blockchain games sector as Animoca Brands.

As of last count, the Hong Kong-based Australian-floated (ASX: AB1) outfit has closed 13 deals of various types during 2018.

2) Hash Rush restarts fundraising campaign after Kickstarter suspension

Hash Rush

Hash Rush has had a pretty interesting time with its fundraising.

It was only last week that it managed to launch its Kickstarter campaign with a series of good days. This progress was followed swiftly by a suspension within a few days.

3) Animoca Brands accelerates its blockchain strategy with 7 deals worth $2.7 million

Animoca Brands

Following a number of deals over the past months to position itself into the vanguard of blockchain games, Animoca Brands has announced another seven strategic investments to further accelerate its progress into the wider consumer space.

4) NFTs the Killer dApp? Not coming soon to Fortnite

NFT SummitIf 2017 was about fundraising, and 2018 was about infrastructure, then 2019 will be about mass adoption, but whether global payments or nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are the killer dApp is up for debate.

5) So Couch Studios introduces its free-to-play MMORPG Ember Sword

Ember Sword

Pay-to-win is a term that has become common in mainstream games. But blockchain is one of the innovations which may render it obsolete, an example being from So Couch Studios.

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