Spend your curio on phones, clothes and NFTs with Hedgie’s marketplace

From coffee to NFTs – Hedgie’s marketplace is live

Hedgie‘s marketplace has now gone live for users to browse and put their Curio to good use on. While the game has gained a reputation as an NFT-driven experience. Allowing users to buy a range of Hedgies of a wide range of rarity, with its marketplace being an interesting addition.

Along with boasting an array of virtual goods – Curio is widely useable in real-world stores too.

Users with Curio to spend can visit any partnered store and buy items & goods. In this sense, the digital marketplace’s launch is an extension of Hedgie’s already existing mechanics.

Along with exclusively rare NFTs, the online market also includes clothes and even a pair of phones from Samsung and Apple.

Just like players could do with partnered companies in the past, the market includes discount codes for partnered companies.

Check it out right here.

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