MCH + brings the My Crypto Heroes framework to gaming projects

MCH+ strives to support new and promising game projects

Having previously secured millions of dollars in funding through an acquisition deal with Gumi Cryptos. Double Jump.Tokyo has announced the launch of its latest initiative based around the framework of its successful RPG title – My Crypto Heroes.

Known as MCH +, this development program aims to provide support companies in building up their company and launching a successful product. At its core, this initiative stems from a need for collaboration within the industry and the creation of an easily accessible framework for leveraging blockchain for gaming.

MCH+ – the four-tiered solution

1 – A Development Support Program –

This support program provides a simplified method for integrating blockchain tools with some of the following support –

  • Blockchain Game Engine (provide API’s of the programs in My Crypto Heroes)
  • Minting NFT’s /Secondary distribution
  • NFT metadata extensions
  • Off-chain token minting / Distribution

2 – Ecosystem Building support

Much as the name suggests, MCH+ also aims to provide support in the process of marketing a blockchain title –

  • Make it possible to use assets in all the games in the program
  • provide referral programs and referral alliance between games in the program
  • Dapps wallet alliance with ecosystem partners
  • NFT market alliance with ecosystem partners

3 – Financial Support Program

This segment aims to provide financial support for projects that appear promising to the MCH+ team. Considering the fact that this initiative is free to join, the initiative will be able to provide funding with the support of Gumi Cryptos as a financial partner.

  • MCH+ accelerator program
  • Invest up to 500ETH to NFT’s depending on its allocation
  • Equity finance by finance support partners

4 – Human Resource Development Support Program

  • MCH+ Hackathon
  • FLOC Blockchain University, Blockchain Gaming Seminar

The initiative itself is supported financially by Gumi Cryptos. Which effectively provides a way for the investment company to identify, support and fund emerging blockchain game projects.

Along with Gumi, the MCH+ initiative is supported by the likes of Dapper, TokenWallet, Bazaaar, Go! Wallet and OpenSea as its ecosystem building partners.

In order to take part in this initiative, visit the link here to apply.

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