Crypto Space Commander has introduced more exploration with latest patch

Crypto Space Commander is heating up the exploring and mining game this week

With the introduction of a brand new alpha patch to the game, the Crypto Space Commander team has showcased a new event to get players strenuously testing it out.

Operating as an individual, or as part of a team, players will be able to participate in the explorer event just so long as you declare your teams by July 22nd, with the game ending on the 26th.

The format will be relatively similar for those that are used to mining in-game.

The difference is both in the materials you need to extract and ship. But also the fact that you’ll have to compete with rival teams and players for these ‘quarries.’

In summary, it’s old prospecting/mining rules in space!

Fortunately, the CSC team has been kind enough to provide a list of what players/teams ought to mine and send where:

Each station provides unique kinds of rewards depending on if you’re participating alone, or as part of a team.

  • Solo: Top 5 Users each win 1 Combat Crate
  • Teams: Top 2 teams each win 6 Combat crates & 9 Premium crates to split amongst themselves. (This means each team wins 15 crates)

Players and teams should also pay special attention to asteroid belts.

With the team pointing out that there’s every potential for them to contain unique beacons.

For more information, check out the page here.

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