Blankos’ Hustle and Glow NFT season drops 10am PT on 25 August

The party isn’t winding down for players of Blankos Block Party, as the Mythical Games team announce that ‘Hustle and Glow’ party passes will be hitting the (virtual) shelves on 25 August.

This will provide players with the opportunity to unlock seven new NFTs including one Blankos character and six NFT accessories. These are earned as players complete daily, weekly and seasonal tasks, earning stars that unlock NFTs and other rewards.

The NFTs thus earned can then be sold on the game’s marketplace, although this option is currently only open for US, UK, German and Canadian players. It’s expected all players will be able to sell NFTs in the coming weeks.

Big thank you

Mythical is also taking time to thank those players who have been playing since June with a special giveaway.

“Anyone who logged into Blankos between June 2 and August 3 at 2 am PDT / 5 am EDT / 9 am UTC will receive the following before the release of our next Party Pass:

  • 5000 Moola
  • 10x 2,000 XP Chips
  • 2 Gumballs – Rainbow and Sunnay.” 

In case you haven’t tested the PC version of Blankos Block Party, be sure to check it out here.

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