Michael Jordan slam-dunks into HEIR – Solana App for Athletes

Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey Jordan are diving headlong into the blockchain world with its fan-engagement platform – HEIR.

Built on top of the Solana blockchain, the HEIR platform is designed to help professional athletes engage with their supporters, worldwide. Along with baseline engagement, HEIR enables athletes to access a range of community building solutions, along with the power to mint wholly unique NFT assets to access new avenues of monetisation. What’s more, the platform allows fans to be part of that athletes ‘huddle’ for special benefits.

Even at this stage, HEIR has a considerable sum behind it to assure its success; having $10 million in seed funding, according to a recent release. The seed funding was made possible thanks to investing from Solana Ventures, Chicago Bulls’ Lonzo Ball & New York Knicks Executive VP – William Wesley.

In the entertainment industry, especially the sporting world, finding new ways to engage with the broader community, and offering greater participation to fans are increasingly important – and avenues of opportunity that blockchain shines in providing. Of course, HEIR isn’t the first contender in this space; projects like Rally and Roll have already pressed the virtual envelope there.

Michael Jordan & HEIR: going major league on blockchain

As far as athletes go, Michael Jordan has made more than one dive into the world of blockchain. The NBA hall of famer has been very open about his optimism and investments in blockchain. Just recently, some of his investments included Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot‘s $305m investment round, and Mythical Games‘ $150m Series C funding.

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