Gamepay Raises $1.2 Million Pre-Seed For Play-To-Earn NFT Games Expansion

Metaverse company, Gamepay, has managed to raise $1.2 million in pre-seed funding for its platform and inaugural game title. The funding round was led by Seier Capital, along with further investment from 8i Holdings.

NFTs and overall interest in the metaverse have grown significantly over the past year. It’s thanks to this that Gamepay has managed to secure this new capital, according to company CEO – Daniel Santos.

“Since we started the company at the turn of the year there has been huge interest from investors such as Seier Capital and we will be raising a significant Series A round after the NFT sale has concluded.”

While investors can see the potential behind the technology, Gamepay’s offering for game developers gives it a great deal of value. The company itself provides developers with the tools they’d need in order to launch their own P2E games on top of the Gamepay platform.

One of the added incentives for Gamepay in this is that, for every game created and launched on their platform, they become part of its broader community and metaverse.

This will enable people in emerging markets to earn significant money by simply playing any game that is created under the Gamepay aegis, the first product being Chickey Chik.

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