Mythical Games and the NFL kick-start ‘NFL Rivals’

Mythical Games has secured a new partnership with both the National Football League (NFL) and NFL Players Association this week. The principle aim? To build a new blockchain game, complete with NFTs, called ‘NFL Rivals’.

Designed to be similar to fantasy football leagues, NFL Rivals players will play the role of a general manager of one of 32 teams in the NFL, with all players functioning as NFTs and core elements of your team by competing against other teams, players can level up their NFTs.

The game itself offers both solo gameplay, along with live and offline PvP. Each variation allows players to test their team against a mix of real-world line-ups (Solo), or custom developed teams in live/offline PvP.

While still early on, the game is expected to debut next year, with Mythical being unable to share much in the way of details about its underlying tokenomics.

The combination of mythical and the NFL makes sense. For Mythical, the NFL is the latest in a number of big names from the sporting world that has dipped into the blockchain. Some, like Michael Jordan, Fenway Sports Groups’ Michael Gordon and the New England Patriots have ventured in.

Meanwhile, the NFL hasn’t been blind to Mythicals potential. 32 Equity, the company’s venture arm, had contributed to Mythical’s $150 million Series C in the past.

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