Animoca generated $402 million in 2022, up 32%

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While it’s yet to finalize 2021’s audit, leading web3 games and entertainment company Animoca Brands has completed 2022’s financial accounts. During the 12 month calendar period it generated bookings worth $402 million, up 32% year-on-year.

Contributing to these numbers are Animoca’s key business units including The Sandbox, GAMEE, nWay, Blowfish Studios, and more

It ended the year with $191 million of cash and stablecoins, and liquid digital assets worth $469 million. Total reserves of non-liquid tokens were worth $1.6 billion.

In total, these assets were worth more than $2.6 billion, although the prices of many tokens will have fallen during 2023. On the upside, Animoca also has non-minority investments in over 380 web3 game, entertainment and ecosystem companies.

In addition, Animoca acquired a total of 6 companies during 2022. Among them are Torque Drift developer Grease Monkey Games, educational web3 content creator TinyTap, French game developer Life Beyond Studios, and Notre Game, the studio behind Scratch Lords and One Fight Arena

Aiming to be a global service provider for web2 companies venturing into blockchain, Animoca’s web3 services contributed approximately $120 million of total bookings in 2022. 

To enhance its own community, the company also launched PFP NFT collection, Mocaverse, in December 2022.

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