39 new blockchain games added to Big List in August 2023

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The Big Blockchain Game List has published its monthly update, adding 39 games in August, taking the list total to 914 blockchain games that are either live or in development.

Throughout the month, several high profile titles were announced, including nWay’s Wreck League and Zynga’s Sugartown, both of which are deploying their initial NFTs on Ethereum. Zillion Whales announcing its mobile RTS Wild Forest added to the number of games on Ronin.

Ethereum, Polygon and Immutable continue to pick up a solid number of projects, as they have throughout 2023. However, in August Cardano saw the largest number of games added to any single chain. Partly because it recently highlighted its gaming projects, including NFT game Inmates, RPG Chains of War and pet farming game Mocossi Planet.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are a decent chunk of games, 21%, being announced in their ones and twos for other blockchains, including Base, Finschia, Fantom and Starknet, among others. This trend could be seen as a general positive sign to the depth of the ecosystem, given recent market conditions.

Check out the Big Blockchain Game List here or all the raw data here.

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