WAX begins its $20,000 mobile app contest

WAS is inspiring innovation.

WAX is encouraging innovation from developers.

And one way it wants to do it is through its mobile app contest, with a total of $20,000 in cash for developers that manage to build a fully open-source, iOS, or native Android mobile app for WAX’s ExpressTrade.

The rules

According to WAX, in order to stand a chance of winning a prize, developers must:

  • Successfully complete WAX ExpressTrade trades
  • Be visually appealing
  • Be downloadable on Google Play or the Apple App Store
  • The open source code must be provided with your entry

The $20,000 is divided up depending on where a developer places in the contest:

1st place – $10,000

2nd place – $5,000

two runners-up – $2,500

How to enter

Enter by tweeting a link to your app in the Google Play store or App Store and the source code to @wax_io and use hashtag #WAXTradeApp

The contest will run until 19th October.

For more information, visit the WAX Medium page here.

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