Chainbreakers starts its NFT crowdsale on November 1st

It’s no easy task to develop a game and get it set for a crowdsale.

But for the development team behind Chainbreakers, it’s one that it takes on with growing confidence.

In particular, the team has managed to develop the final items that will be part of its NFT crowdsale which starts on November 1st (12pm GMT).

The sale itself involves items of five separate quality levels, and the higher the quality, the more challenging to obtain and more valuable they become.

Far from being aesthetically pleasing, the rarity of the item has an impact on performance. It can also lead to an increased amount of in-game currency (MANA) earned through dividends.

Dungeons or areas that players enter consists of a MANA pool consists of a percentage of revenue earned there. Whenever players complete a quest in that area, they earn a percentage of that pool. Items play a contributor to the amount or MANA a player can earn, according to the developers:

“Items contribute a large chunk to the total power of a unit and can be passed down to lower level units once out-leveled. By managing units in multiple questing areas, players can maximize their dividends. So, more powerful items can be considered as more valuable long-term investments.”

To find out more about Chainbreakers, visit the website.

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