CryptoWars tournament is now underway after December’s crash

CryptoWars, having succeeded itself into crashing earlier, has successfully launched

CryptoWars, having previously encountered a setback with the launch of its beta and tournament, is now up and running!


Initially, CryptoWars had planned to showcase both of these in Mid-December. But with the influx of a large amount of players building villages, they had managed to crash the system within hours.

To put that into perspective, the Loom blockchain strained under the pressure of trying to create 500 villages at the same time.

Experimental, the games developers, have since expressed their pleasant amazement, while officially announcing that the game and tournament are finally live as of January 2nd.

While a huge volume of traffic had previously brought the blockchain down, Experimental has reported no issues so far. With players creating over 200 villages since the initial version of the game went live.

Will this release come with any more ‘pleasant’ surprises for the CryptoWars team? Only time will tell!

For more information about the game and tournament, visit the website.

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