ChainMonsters announces beginning of public multiplayer test

ChainMonsters is set to begin its public multiplayer test.

First off, one Twitter user pointed out that this month marks the one-year anniversary for ChainMonsters. And there’s no more fitting anniversary than the announcement that it has begun its public multiplayer test.

The exact date and time are not yet known, but the underlying premise is a 4-hour long public test for any participants.

Much as the name suggests, players will be able to participate in battles, stress test the game and provide feedback.

In exchange for this support, players can expect to receive special gifts of 200 gold and 5 raid passes.

Developers have pointed out that players will only need a starter monster. Along with this one monster, the development team have unlocked a number of other monsters for users to test out.

While with initial game releases being placed on the testnet, this meant that users would often find themselves levelling creatures and earning assets that would have no carry-over.

That’s the plus side for players for ChainMonsters, each monster gains experience points which are fully carried over to later iterations of the game.

It’s likely that this test will take place over the course of a weekend, allowing it to be sufficiently stress-tested.

For those interested in taking part, visit the ChainMonsters form here.

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