Axie Sushi mini-game racks up 6,000 races in 10 days

Axie Infinity hits another milestone, this time for its races

Released just a month ago, Axie Infinity’s Golden Races have since tallied up 6,000 matches.

Axie Infinity‘s fan-base has been responsible for breaking records on new in-game features. Since battles were released in October, users tallied up 25,000 in months, we’re seeing the same thing from races.

Axie Sushi, a racing minigame created by its community in March 2019, with players racking up 6,000 races so far.

With 3% of these races holding the opportunity for the top three to win prizes.

Judging from the success of past competitions in Axie Infinity, there are more matches yet to be had on the platform. And it’s a number that is likely to increase exponentially as Loom completes its integration of other blockchains.

Check out the game here.

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