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This has been an incredible week for the world of blockchain gaming. Among the launches and introduction of our own list of games in alpha/beta/pre-sale. We’ve also seen a lot of ground get covered by the teams behind F1 Delta Time, Cheeze Wizards and Battle Racers!

If you haven’t seen the news so far, be sure to check those out. But, without further delays, here are some of the top trending stories from this week in blockchain gaming.

1) Theta Labs secures new funding led by Samsung NEXT and Blockchain


Theta Labs has managed to close brand new funding thanks to a round led by Samsung NEXT and Blockchain. According to Mitch Liu, the CEO of Theta, the collaboration with these two companies is part of a longer-term re-alignment strategy.

2) Battle Racers raises $52k in the first hours of its pre-sale

Battle Racers

Pre-sales are always a challenge for blockchain games, but this isn’t something that Battle Racers has to worry about.

3) Hashed leads $2.5 million investment into blockchain UGC platform The Sandbox

Forthcoming blockchain user-generation content and gaming platform The Sandbox has announced it’s raised $2.5 million.

4) Unlocking free-to-play blockchain games: 4 barriers developers must overcome

Game developers are notorious for jumping on the latest trend and emerging technology. In a mad dash to reimagine business models and player experiences, game companies are aggressive about taking the lead on competition.

5) Space Misfits’ KickStarter raises $42,000

One of the newest entrants to the Enjin multiverse, Space Misfits, is coming up to the start of its alpha. Ahead of this, its Kickstarter has been making some good progress with the fundraising goal of $50,000. As of right now, the team has managed to raise nearly $42,000 from just under 100 backers.

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