Cheeze Wizards – nearly 400 ETH raised in pre-sale so far

Will you summon a normal or 'Emmental' Wizard?

For Cheeze Wizards – the magic has officially begun with nearly 3,000 Wizards summoned

Built around one cohesive, social media-driven crypto-native experiment, the magic has begun for Cheeze Wizards. And what a beginning for the Dapper Labs team, with an already well-received pre-sale.

According to the team’s website, the game has already seen approximately 2,773 wizards have been summoned.

This refers to the amount of NFTs created by users, all competing for a chance to become the ‘big cheeze’.

Depending on the kind of wizard you choose to summon – these being Fire, Water, Wind and Normal-type.

These range in cost from .070 to 0.828ETH, once we multiply that with the amount already created, that’s 395.2ETH.

To put that into perspective, the pre-sale has brought in some big cheddar – $99,500 to be exact. And similar to the manner we’ve seen from Gods Unchained, this pre-sale money will be put into a pool for upcoming competitions.

Meaning that these 2,773 wizards have the ability to compete against one another with this ETH as the grand prize.

Side-quest announcements

One of the interesting features of this game is just how social media plays a part in development. The early example is side-quests, which the Cheeze Wizards team has discussed on its Twitter page.

Be sure to check out both its Twitter page and website.

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