9 Lives Arena is set to start its Kickstarter campaign

9 Lives Arena is stepping onto the field, powered by Enjin

Kickstarter, especially in recent memory, has been the starting point for some great games.

Among newly starting Kickstarter campaigns, Touchhour is expected to begin fundraising for its latest game, 9 Lives Arena, a 1v1 fantasy RPG.

In its recent Medium post, the development team announced that the campaign would commence on September 11th 2018.

9 Lives Arena Kickstarts its game

According to the studio, establishing a Kickstarter fund would allow it to obtain more funding to generate more content and additional features.

“Kickstarter will allow us to connect with our core target audience and invite players throughout different Alpha stages of the game,” it explains.

“This will enable us to not only balance the game with the community and directly react to popular feature requests, but also scale the backend with the growing audience.”

For players interested in pitching in on the campaign, they can expect unique rewards, such as:

  • Discounted Digital copies of the game
  • Early Alpha access at different stages of production
  • Exclusive items available only to Kickstarter backers
  • Exclusive Ooogies (to be revealed next week)
  • The chance to leave your mark on gaming history
  • Personal Time with the Touchhour Team
  • More to be revealed in the next three weeks

In its Medium post, the 9 Lives Arena team that players will also be rewarded with an array of unique, rare, and limited edition items.

The developers took the opportunity to introduce one of its limited edition items, the Skull Belt.

While it doesn’t offer any state upgrades, belts are a rare, non-craftable item in-game, making them a highly coveted status symbol.

For example, should a hero be wearing it in the arena when they die, they will turn to stone wearing it, making for a truly unique and very valuable asset the player can trade with others.


For more information about the Kickstarter campaign and what other items the 9 Lives Arena team will offer, visit their Medium page here, or check out their website.


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