Coinbase Wallet features War Riders in start to its pre-order campaign

War Riders is seeing its pre-sale explode

War Riders pre-sale is being digitally plastered all over the place.

From its partnerships with WAX and OpenSea, the sale of its 35,000 premium vehicles looks to be starting on the right tone. Through its private sale alone, it managed to shift over 850 of them, 600 of which were sold within hours of hitting the market.

This is helped even more by the news that Coinbase, through its digital wallet, has officially featured War Riders on its app.

Coinbase features War Riders on its wallet

Vlad Kartashov, the CEO of Cartified, the company behind War Riders, has been happily surprised by the amount of attention that the game has received from the wider community, including companies.

“We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of interest we generated in the community,” Kartashov continues.

“We are already seeing people forming clans in our discord group, and everyone is sharing their vehicle stats.”

Users of the Coinbase wallet app will be able to select the War Riders page and purchase any number of vehicles from the sale.

For more information about War Riders and its pre-sale, visit their website here.

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