KotoWars introduces new season and support for new developers

KotoWars has some interesting features for players and developers

For the KotoWars team, the introduction of its new season brings with it open authorization for developers

For those that don’t know about KotoWars, it’s an online collectable game that gives CryptoKitties NFTs a new mechanic. Players of the game can enlist their Kitty collections within the game as part of their card deck.

What provides an interesting feature of the game is the fact that it introduces events, such as the recent ‘Stitches Invasion’ campaign. With this latest campaign being a try-out of its new KotoWars engine.

Currently, the team is developing its latest season, and it comes with a unique feature for aspiring developers.

KotoWars introduces open authorization

Those specifically involved in developing on Unity, KotoWars has released Open Authorization for those looking for a trusted provider for their future titles.

For more information about the team and its Open Authorization system, visit the website.

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