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Animoca is pushing ahead with its aggressive approach towards blockchain

Top Trending aims to get you informed for the new week with the top stories from the blockchain gaming world

Last week has been a thrilling one for the blockchain gaming world. For developers like CryptoKitties and Zombie Battleground, for example, some major milestones have been passed. For us at Blockchain Gamer, we’ve been putting out the talks and discussions from Blockchain Games Next.

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1) Animoca Brands acquires Football-Stars dev Stryking for up to $3.3 million

Animoca Brands has been running on a white heat this first quarter of 2019. From the new collaboration with Lucid Sight and Formula One, it has now announced the acquisition of Stryking.

2) MLB Champions dev Lucid Sight raises $6 million

MLB Champions


LA blockchain game developer Lucid Sight has announced it’s closed a $6 million investment round.

3) CryptoKitties makes NFT history: 1.5 million Kitties created


The race to 1 million is a thing of the past, as CryptoKitties has broken another NFT record. As more experienced players of the game are aware, there was a race to reach the illustrious #CryptoKitty1500000. Or the goal of reaching 1.5 million CryptoKitties through breeding.

4) Neon District’s Founders Sale starts strong, raising over $57,000

Neon District

Companies always have to deal with the inevitable gamble of putting itself out there and obtaining investment. For Neon District, it at least has the advantage of selling to a very optimistic waiting list. As of March 28th, it began its Founders Sale, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive so far.

5) Animoca Brands announces strategic partnership with Lucid Sight

MLB Champions

Lucid Sight has been having a good few weeks so far. From the rebranding of its Baseball title in the run-up to the new MLB season, to the successful securing of $6m funding. Animoca Brands has become the latest to get involved with the game development studios.

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