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From Gouda, mobile wallets and seed capital

While the week has been quieter than others, there are some big stories to get to the bottom of. While there’s plenty of news to go over, we never hesitate in digging into discussions with the community.

Especially this week – as we go into the kind of obstacles games face in appealing to the mainstream. Be sure to check it out by visiting the link right here. But, without further delay, let’s go over the big stories of the week.

1) Better Brie-lieve it: CryptoKitties’ dev showcase new game Cheese Wizards

Cheese Wizards

The development and marketing teams behind CryptoKitties have an interesting approach to advertising and viral marketing. If this wasn’t made readily apparent thanks to the promotional videos for its game. The Dapper Labs team will certainly remind you with its latest game title.

2) Binance Chain and DEX are now supported in Enjin Wallet


While Enjin places a great level of emphasis on its multiverse and creating an entire ecosystem around it. It isn’t shy when it comes to striking up partnerships and extending the kind of reach its token and users have.

3) Experimental raises $500,000 in seed capital


The development team behind CryptoWars has successfully raised a total of $500,000 in runway funding this week. With this capital, the Experimental team intends to staff up and get thoroughly situated in Argentina.

4) Crypto Sword and Magic lands on EOS

Crypto Sword and Magic

Crypto Sword and Magic has officially landed on the EOS mainnet this week, bringing more RPG action for players. Much akin to RPG games like 0xWarriors, CS&M is a turn-based RPG, which decided on EOS to bring blockchain solutions to over 700,000 MAUs.

5) Zombie Battleground becomes ‘Relentless’

Zombie Battleground

Zombie Battleground is not shy about making changes to the game in order to punch into the mainstream.

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