New Blankos Block Party video as game gears up for beta

It’s been a loooong wait but finally we got another video dump from Mythical Games for its much anticipated Blankos Block Party

Part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event, a 1 minute gameplay video from the blockchain-based (it’s using EOSIO SDK) user-generated PC gaming platform was released.

It shows dozens of the little vinyl toy-inspired blankos – each an NFT – running around in a world that can be easily modified by players to create a wide range of experiences from platforming, racing and shooting – not forgetting that what blankos really love to do is dance. 

In conjunction, users can now register their usernames for their Blankos account – click here.

The first private beta of the game will be “coming later this year”. And it can’t come soon enough for us. 

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